Friday, November 11, 2011

Act 4 - Proctor's Decision

Today Proctor decided that he would confess to being involved in witchcraft. Well, at least that is how it was supposed to happen.

After Hale asked Elizabeth to convince Proctor to confess he decided that he wanted his life. Reverend Hale stated that it would be a bigger sin to die for pride than to lie and save one's own life. John Proctor seemed to agree with that for a while. Proctor confessed to witchcraft in front of Governor Danforth and when he thought that only his word was enough Danforth made him sign his name as evidence. Proctor really struggled to sign his name. You could see the strain and resentment as he signed. He did not look like a man that had just spared his life. To make it worse, Governor Danforth was going to post the signature on the church door. This is when Proctor lost it. He took the piece of paper and he tore it into shreds. He said that he would rather die than live a life of lies. Proctor will hang.


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