Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Act 3 - Danforth Questions Elizabeth

I have never seen a courtroom in this much chaos as this one is in now. Abigail acts as if she is being afflicted upon by evil spirits. She runs about the courtroom with the other girls acting as if they are being attacked, but they are the only ones that see.

Today Governor Danforth questioned Elizabeth Proctor. Mr. Proctor had the audacity to say that he committed adultery with my Abigail! I could not hardly believe my ears when he said that. I know Abigail has had some rough times, but she cannot help it! She has come from a broken family. She has seen things that anyone should ever see, but she would never commit adultery!

Elizabeth was brought in for questioning and Proctor says she is an honest women and that she never lies. Elizabeth denied that she removed Abigail from her service for committing adultery with Abigail. Proctor must have lied. I know that the man is out to get me and my family.


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