Friday, November 11, 2011

Act 4 - Proctor Hangs

Today is a painful day for sure. John Proctor was given a second chance at life and he threw it all away for the sake of his pride. Poor Elizabeth, how will she do this alone? She has two young boys and a child on the way that she will have to care for. This is just a horrible situation.

There were many people present at the gallows today for the hanging of Rebecca Nurse, John Proctor, and Martha Corey. It was a sad sight to see all three of those people with a noose around their necks. It was evident that many people felt remorseful for Rebecca Nurse. I could not bear to watch her hang. She was such a good and honest women that everyone respected.

As they stood on the platform with the noose around their necks they began to recite the Lord's Prayer. It was a bittersweet moment for all. I know people in the town will surely miss them all.


Act 4 - Proctor's Decision

Today Proctor decided that he would confess to being involved in witchcraft. Well, at least that is how it was supposed to happen.

After Hale asked Elizabeth to convince Proctor to confess he decided that he wanted his life. Reverend Hale stated that it would be a bigger sin to die for pride than to lie and save one's own life. John Proctor seemed to agree with that for a while. Proctor confessed to witchcraft in front of Governor Danforth and when he thought that only his word was enough Danforth made him sign his name as evidence. Proctor really struggled to sign his name. You could see the strain and resentment as he signed. He did not look like a man that had just spared his life. To make it worse, Governor Danforth was going to post the signature on the church door. This is when Proctor lost it. He took the piece of paper and he tore it into shreds. He said that he would rather die than live a life of lies. Proctor will hang.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Elizabeth Tries to Convince Proctor

Today it was decided that Elizabeth Proctor should be released from the jail to try and convince Proctor to confess and spare his own life. I thought it might be a good idea, but Elizabeth is good and she might tell him to do what is honest and true.

I never thought that I would say this, but I hope Proctor confesses. I am overcome with guilt. Please Lord, let Proctor confess so that he may keep his life and take care of his wife and children . We have learned that Elizabeth is with child for sure.

After Elizabeth and Proctor talked for a while, he came off of the beach saying, "I want my life!" Praise God!


Hale is in the Jails.

It appears that Reverend Hale is trying to save the day. If the people accused of witchcraft do not confess to witchcraft they will be hanged. Danforth will not listen to anyone. He has already sent so many people to their death that he feels he cannot change anything. He is just too prideful and arrogant.

Knowing this, Reverend Hale is trying to get the prisoners to confess so that they will not die. He feels that not confessing and losing your life is a bigger sin than lying and keeping the precious gift of life. I do hope that people will confess. I could not bear to watch Rebecca Nurse and Martha Corey hang because I know that they are innocent and good women. I hate to say it, but I wish Proctor would also confess and spare his life. We shall see what happens. Right now no one is quite sure of anything.


Act 4 - Abigail Has Vanished!

The worst thing that could have ever happened, has happened. Abigail is gone. She has taken all of my money and she has completely disappeared. I have no clue where she could have gone.

I cannot believe that all of this has happened. At first, it was just some silly girls dancing in a forest, and now so many have died. I feel guilty as I could possibly be. I have been weeping uncontrollably for days. I cannot eat, I cannot sleep, and I cannot pray. I feel that I am mostly responsible for this whole catastrophe. If I could go back in time and do things differently I most certainly would. I was just so worried about myself that at the time I would do anything for the blame not to land on me. What I am going through now is worse than I could have ever imagined.

Last night heard a loud bang on my door. I had no idea what it could have been so I went outside and to my amazement there was a knife stuck in the door. There is only one reason someone would do this. They are tired of all of the lies and they want to repay me for all that has been done. I fear for my life and if I die I'm not sure where I would go. Maybe this can all be repaired somehow, but I am almost certain that it cannot.


Act 3 - Mary Turns on Proctor

After that whole display with Mary Warren and the girls, Mary decided that it was time to tell the truth. She started yelling, "You're the devil's man!" at John Proctor. Praise God! This is working out perfectly. Mary Warren said that John Proctor made her sing the "Devil's Book", and that Proctor came to overthrow the entire court. I was exactly right the whole time. I just knew that John Proctor had bad intentions.

While this was happening, Revered Hale was in an outrage. He said that he denounced the proceedings and quit the court. It has been a wild day indeed in Salem. I don't think this dry town has ever seen this much excitement.


Act 3 - Abigail Turns on Mary

Today in court another astonishing thing has happened. John Proctor brought in Mary Warren to testify. She claimed that she made the poppet and that the girls were just dancing in the forest. She also claims that all the girls are faking. The court asked her to fake a faint like she claimed she had done and she could not faint! This proves that Abigail and the girls are telling the truth. It got even more hectic when Abigail started wailing about something crazy. She said there was a bird up in the ceiling and that it was going to attack her. She said it was Mary Warren that was sending out her spirit to cause harm on her and the girls. Every time Mary would speak, the girls would also speak. The courtroom was in a great uproar. Nobody was certain what exactly was going on. There is much more to come.