Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Act 1 - Ruth's Also Sick

Earlier today Mr. Putnam and Mrs.Putnam paid us a visit at the house. I am afraid the visit did not soothe any of my worries or fears. In fact, I am feeling worse than I ever was before. I am in a complete state of crisis! I have been praying all day but I still do no know what to do. Goody Putnam came with the horribly dreadful news that her Ruth is also sick with this strange illness. Mr. Putnam, that bitter man, is set upon witchcraft as the cause, but I will not yield. I am only bringing Reverend Hale here as a precaution. I will fight anything that has to do with witchcraft. My ministry will not be hurt by this atrocious monstrosity!

I am still very worried about Betty and now Ruth is sick too. What is the matter with the little children? Why are they the only ones that seem to be inflicted? God, give me mercy.


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