Thursday, November 10, 2011

Act 3 - Abigail Turns on Mary

Today in court another astonishing thing has happened. John Proctor brought in Mary Warren to testify. She claimed that she made the poppet and that the girls were just dancing in the forest. She also claims that all the girls are faking. The court asked her to fake a faint like she claimed she had done and she could not faint! This proves that Abigail and the girls are telling the truth. It got even more hectic when Abigail started wailing about something crazy. She said there was a bird up in the ceiling and that it was going to attack her. She said it was Mary Warren that was sending out her spirit to cause harm on her and the girls. Every time Mary would speak, the girls would also speak. The courtroom was in a great uproar. Nobody was certain what exactly was going on. There is much more to come.


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